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                                                                                                        stills from the movie

Jennice Carter

On the set of Hell Fire

Katelyn Marie Marshall

promotional shots of the cast

Selene Beretta

Kasey Williams

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                     J. Scott Green

Look for Hell Fire in issue #339 of Fangoria Magazine

                 Christopher  Davis                  Shannon Moore                                    

Gaetano Iacono                  Joseph Devito       

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                                        Ray Chao





4 girls. The Anti Christ. One hell of a problem.

                        "Outrageously entertaining!" -Fangoria Magazine

                             "****1/2 stars (out of 5)!" -Film Threat

"Devilshly entertaining!"  -Ain't It Cool News

"Slaps viewers in the face! Wildly spirited practical FX" - Dread Central
"One of the best indie films of the year!" - Horrorphilia
"Intense, really twisted...a future classic!"
- Yell Magazine
"A hellishly violent good time!"
- Shattered Ravings Reviews
"The film you wish most indie horror films were!"
- HorrorFix
"Greatest work I've seen from Midnight!"
"Insane! You have to watch this!"
- Search My Trash Reviews
"Crazy, inventive, well made!"
Dark of the Matinee
"One of the best film's I've ever seen!"  
Texas Terror Entertainment

 "Extreme!  Inventive!  In a league of its own".  -

"Well written, twisted... a new direction in occult horror!"  Rogue Cinema

       "Solid acting, a great story, great characters!" -"Unrelenting and brutal...demented...joyously original!"-