Marc Fratto

marc fratto's  cinematography reel

Filmmaker, editor, musician

​​father jim - The Big Happy (music  video) - director of photography, editor, co-director

hell fire (feature film trailer) - written, directed, edited, cinematography, visual effects 

Assassin's day off(short film) - writer/director, cinematography,  editing and music 

get the f outta my way (music video) - directed, edited, cinematography

fist in the air (music video) -  cinematography & editing 

so softly (music video) - directed, edited, cinematography 

high in demand (music video) - editor, cinematography, visual effects

change reaction (music video) - co-directed, edited, cinematography, visual effects

Whiskey is my Woman - Dirty Black 7 (music video) - director, editor, cinematography

New York based filmmaker, cinematographer & editor.  written, directed (as well as edited and co-scored) three worldwide distributed, award winning feature films, several critically acclaimed short films and a bunch of badass music videos.  

First Night in the New House (short film) - written, directed, edited, special effects by marc fratto

stop that (music video) - directed, edited, cinematography, visual effects 

Aimless - The Big Happy (music  video) - director of photography, editor

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"Devilishly good horror filmmaking at work here.   Writer/director Marc Fratto knows how to handle the staccato back and forthings of a Tarantino and bathe it in equally capable and comical grue found in early Raimi films."   - AINT IT COOL NEWS

"Fratto's strength as a screenwriter and director is creating whole characters and giving his actors plenty of room to run around in them."   -FILM THREAT

"If there’s an untapped voice of horror that could single handedly deliver where so many have failed, its Fratto." - HORROR FIX

"Fratto captures all the action with impactful camera angles and dynamic editing. "  -FANGORIA MAGAZINE

"Stylish...Visionary movie making"   - CULT CUTS

"Ambitiously goes for the jugular "  - MICROCINEMA SCENE

"Very effective at creating tension."   -DREAD CENTRAL

"Fratto knows how to tell a great, original story."- RICKY RUSSELL

 "A dynamic directorial effort....quite a bit of inventiveness."  -SEARCHMYTRASH.COM
"Director Marc Fratto is out to make a fun, twisted time at the movies and he succeeds in spades.  Well-shot and staged action...stylish...crazy, inventive!"


"I can’t remember the last time I has so much fun watching a horror flick!!"    -ANYTHING HORROR